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TheVillages.Net Help Documentation
What is TheVillages.net?
TheVillages.net is service that offers subscribers a variety of on-line connections, communication features and information, all in one convenient package.
How much does it cost?
Please click here to see our "Services" section for more information on our account options and services.  Click Here
How can I pay for my service?
For the convenience of our customers, TheVillages.net offers four methods of payment:
  • Credit card: Visa and MasterCard are accepted
  • Direct bank debit: We can debit the monthly service fees directly from your bank account
  • Check: Six or Twelve month block purchases only

* Block purchases will not receive a pre-payment discount, nor will those blocks of purchased months have the option of being "suspended", "reinstated", or "refunded".

Once I sign up, am I obligated to stay with The Villages.net for an extended period of time?
No, there is no extended contract with The Villages.net
How does the 30-day "free trial" guarantee work?
If you are not satisfied with your TheVillages.net service within the first 30 days after establishing your TheVillages.net account, you call 352-753-4040 to request cancellation of your account; You have not violated the Acceptable Use Policy; and You or someone else in your household has not previously received a credit from this money-back guarantee offer or canceled a TheVillages.net account during any previous free trial or other promotional service period.
How big is the e-mail box that comes with my subscription?
TheVillages.net e-mail boxes have 100MB of capacity.
Can I get an extra e-mail box?
Yes, additional mailboxes are $2.95 per box per month, each with 20 MB's of space on the mail server.
What is the Member Services feature?
Member Services is TheVillages.net "Members Only" web site. It will offer a variety of information pertaining to the Active Lifestyle of The Villages in an "on-line" format. For example, access to The Villages Golf and Tee Time Information System is available through the Member Services feature. Here you will also find local events around The Villages as well as local news and weather. New features are still being added at this time.
When is Member Services Available?
The Member Services web site is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Where is the TheVillages.net service available?
It is accessible throughout The Villages and the surrounding Tri-County area.
Where is TheVillages.net located?
TheVillages.net Network Operations Center (NOC) is located in the heart of The Villages, Florida.
What is a POP?
POP stands for point-of-presence. This is the physical location where TheVillages.net maintains its modems, routers, terminal servers and other equipment necessary for you to connect to the Internet from your local calling area. When you dial-in to TheVillages.net, you are actually calling a number directed to this POP and from there, onto our network and out onto the Internet itself.
What is SPAM?
SPAM is unwanted junk e-mail sent to your electronic mailbox. SPAM can be an annoyance to members but is a serious problem for Internet service providers because of the sheer volume of it traversing the various networks, clogging up the "pipelines" coming into the servers and routers. TheVillages.net Rules for User Conduct Policy specifically prohibits SPAM from being sent from anywhere on it's network.
Is the username and password case sensitive?
Yes it is. If you are having trouble logging on, please make sure you are typing your username and password in the correct case.
Does the username or password have a minimum / maximum requirement of characters?
Yes, minimum is 7, maximum is 63, at least one number, uppercase, lowercase and special character is required.
How do I change my log on name or password?
You can change you password by logging on to your account, clicking on “User Info”, and filling out the form provided.
What do I do if I forget my username or password?
Please call an administrator of TVN at (352) 753-4040 to assist you.