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TheVillages.net Services

Member Services - This "Members Only" web site provides secure access to content pertinent to the active lifestyle enjoyed by residents of The Villages, Florida. Each Member Services account must be associated with one household (physical address). Included in the "Member Services" account:

  • 2 e-mail addresses per household
  • Access to The Villages Golf and Information System (in order to access The Villages Golf System, you must register the Resident ID’s affiliated with household associated with the Member Services account)
  • Access to schedules of events in and around The Villages

Additional email addresses - If you require more than 2, additional email addresses may be purchased at any time.


Village Residents and Dream Maker card holders
Member Services - $8.00 per month
Additional email addresses - $2.95

Non-Village Residents
Member Services - $8.50 per month
Additional email addresses - $2.95

TheVillages.net Cancellation Policy

Due to pro-ration, the first charge on your account will be for the remainder of your first month. Then your first full calendar month will be FREE!

TheVillages.net Internet Service (like most ISP's) bills in advance for services rendered.

Under our "Free Month Trial" you may try our service for the first full calendar month absolutely free and cancel if you are not satisfied with the level of service provided. No charges will be generated during the "Free Month Trial".

After the "Free Month Trial", any cancellation will be effective immediately and NO refund will be issued for the remaining days in the billing period (or month). At the next billing cycle, no new charges will be generated.

Cancellations must be made prior to the first day of the month to avoid that month's charges.